Chiefs for Change issues statement on appointment of next U.S. Secretary of Education

Chiefs for Change
November 25, 2016

Chiefs for Change represents 24 state and district leaders boldly committed to the 4.1 million students they serve, and all students. We believe unequivocally in bipartisan solutions to America’s significant educational challenges. The 2016 election has only strengthened that belief and made the work more urgent.

We congratulate Ms. DeVos on being nominated for Secretary of Education. We count on her to bring a willingness to listen to, and act on, what is working best in states and districts to serve students with excellence and close gaps of opportunity.

We look forward to working with Ms. DeVos in a spirit of strong advocacy for the needs of all students in America’s public schools. What we do over the next four years to support our most vulnerable students in our most struggling schools will speak volumes about us as Americans. Their promise is our own.