#FutureChiefs Twitter Chat: A How-To Guide

Chiefs for Change
November 6, 2017

We’re excited to announce our first #FutureChiefs Twitter chat on November 14 from 2 to 3 pm ET. We’ll have a discussion around this central question:

What will it take to grow the pipeline of talented, diverse education systems leaders?

The discussion will focus on these topics:

  1. The importance of coaching trees and how mentoring can prepare effective, diverse leaders for top roles in education.
  2. How sustained leadership in education systems leads to better education outcomes.
  3. Why the Chiefs for Change model for the Future Chiefs program works.

How to participate:

  • Prior to the chat, we’d love for you to help promote your participation and the chat itself on your Twitter handle in the days leading up to and the morning of the chat. (And retweet @ChiefsForChange tweets about the chat!). Sample content below.
  • During the chat, our Future Chiefs will answer people’s questions on the #FutureChiefs hashtag. You can weigh in with questions and chime in with answers to questions from the perspective of your organization and your work.
  • During the chat, @ChiefsForChange will retweet your responses to amplify the discussion.

Hashtag: #FutureChiefs

Sample tweets to help promote the chat:

So excited to participate in a #FutureChiefs Twitter chat with @ChiefsForChange! Get your questions in before Nov. 14 at 2pm ET.

Looking forward to engaging with #FutureChiefs and @ChiefsForChange on Nov. 14 at 2pm ET. Get your questions in now!

Got questions about growing a diverse pipeline of leaders in education? Ask away with #FutureChiefs ahead of the chat on Nov. 14 at 2pm ET. 

Let’s talk about the next generation of leaders in education! Join me and @ChiefsForChange for a #FutureChiefs chat on Nov. 14 at 2pm ET. 

Sample questions you might pose to the Future Chiefs before and during the Twitter chat:

  • What’s the biggest key to getting successful education outcomes at system levels, and how does sustained leadership factor in? #FutureChiefs
  • What encourages you most about the future of education in your state? What’s your biggest worry? #FutureChiefs
  • What’s your advice to aspiring education chiefs? #FutureChiefs
  • How can we get more women and people of color into leadership positions in education? #FutureChiefs
  • Given today’s hyper-partisanship, what’s your advice for focusing on solutions over politics when it comes to education? #FutureChiefs
  • What do you see as the most important aspects of the #FutureChiefs program and how does that translate into positive outcomes?
  • How has @ChiefsForChange helped to prepare you for leadership? #FutureChiefs
  • How has using your network of @ChiefsForChange members helped you succeed in your role? #FutureChiefs
  • What’s the biggest challenge you face in your role, and what’s your strategy for addressing it? #FutureChiefs
  • What are some of the biggest policy changes you’ve enacted that have led to positive results for your students? #FutureChiefs