Statement on Improvements to the College Scorecard

Chiefs for Change CEO Mike Magee issued the following statement today regarding the U.S. Department of Education’s improvements to the College Scorecard:

Young people are concerned about taking on college student loan debt and want to know if a degree will lead to a meaningful career that pays enough to support a family. These improvements to the College Scorecard serve as an important step in giving students the information they need to make decisions about what to do after high school. We are pleased that the U.S. Department of Education continues to build upon the scorecard so students can see how various colleges, universities, and — as of today — individual degree programs compare to one another. With information about average debt and earnings, students will have a better sense of the potential return on their investment in higher education. We commend the department and hope that it will continue to enhance the scorecard over time by incorporating long-term data on these and other key outcomes. Students need to have a full picture of their options in order to plan their futures.