Responding to the Coronavirus: What We Are Doing and Resources for Education Systems

Chiefs for Change

The rapid spread of the coronavirus presents unprecedented challenges in the United States and around the world. It is having profound effects on families, children, and communities. There is no blueprint for how to deal with a health crisis of this magnitude—and leaders of state and district education systems are on the front lines. They must determine how to protect the health of school communities, meet students’ basic needs, minimize disruptions, and provide academic instruction all while responding to breaking developments in real time. Supporting our chiefs, Future Chiefs, and other education leaders in this crucial moment is our top priority as an organization.

Since the end of February, we have been providing intensive supports, advising our members across the nation and connecting them with each other to share information, protocols, and strategies. Our team is also actively monitoring legislative developments as well as directives and recommendations from federal and state agencies.

This page is a curated list of resources from our members’ systems and other states and districts that we believe provides sound guidance for systems leaders in this challenging time. The page is updated regularly.


Resources from Federal Agencies and National Sources

U.S. Department of Education (USED)
This COVID-19 page includes updated tools, fact sheets, and guidance for schools and is organized by elementary and secondary schools as well as higher education institutions.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
This page provides guidance for schools and child care programs, including information about talking to children about COVID-19, recommendations for cleaning and disinfection, and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Education Week
Education Week maintains a nationwide school closures map.

School Meal Finder
Education technology company Hoonuit worked with the Louisiana Department of Education to create the School Meal Finder website that can help families find local school meal distribution centers. Hoonuit is offering to do the same free of charge for other states and districts. Click here for more information.

Resources from States

Colorado Department of Education
This page includes 2020 graduation considerations; instructional guidance; guidance for schools and child care providers; information about talking to children about COVID-19; school meal guidance; and learning at home resources. The learning at home resources link contains remote learning resources, including teacher planning support links, and best practices for teachers and families.

Louisiana Department of Education
This page includes links to guidance for current high school seniors and senior course credit and graduation; guidance on continuous education for students with disabilities direct services and family toolbox; a Family Support Toolbox; a Classroom Support Toolbox designed to support student learning at home; and COVID-19 Information and Resources. The COVID-19 Information and Resources page has information for schools and centers, a link to the Louisiana Public Broadcasting at-home learning toolkit, a link to school meal sites, waiver requests and letters to the U.S. Department of Education, and general resources from the Louisiana Department of Health and the CDC. The FAQ for Child Care Centers/Providers and the FAQ for K-12 schools are comprehensive and include information about special education services, distance learning/seat time, nutrition, assessment and accountability, and data systems.

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
This site contains, among other resources, information for special educators, including a Zoom meeting presentation for special education directors and an FAQ for schools and districts.

Mississippi Department of Education
This page includes CDC information, updates, and guidance regarding school closures, staff pay, and special education. The Guidance and Resources for Districts document includes comprehensive information about online learning, including off-site learning opportunities.

Tennessee Department of Education
This page includes information about the state-wide strategy on COVID-19 and next steps for relief under the CARES ACT (released 4/6/2020); preparation and planning; school closure toolkit for districts, including guidance for special populations, health and wellness, and academics; and FAQs related to a range of important topics, including special education related FAQ, nutrition, services for English learners and students with disabilities, educator preparation provider resources, school safety, information technology, finance and school funding, and instructional continuity. The page also contains federal waiver requests and waiver requests for districts including information related to, for example, required instructional days and the use of stockpiled days.

Resources from Districts

Baltimore City Public Schools
This page includes information on medical services, meal sites, and learning packets.

Boulder Valley School District
This page includes health and wellness resources (social, emotional, and mental health); meal sites; elementary home learning plans; secondary home learning plans; and an FAQ.

Broward County Public Schools
This page includes information about academics and a guide for supporting young learners.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools
This page includes updates, meal distribution information, remote student learning information, and FAQs. CMS resources also include community update videos in English and Spanish; ELL resources; a robust instructional continuity plan with videos for implementation and plans for teaching and learning; and resources on educating and supporting exceptional children such as an EC continuity plan and recording, distance learning services call script, and FAQ related to IEP meetings, evaluations, and placement.

Chicago Public Schools
This page contains remote learning guidance for educators and parents; FAQ for diverse learner supports and services; district community updates; COVID-19 FAQ; and enrichment learning resources, which contain resource packets including independent projects and enrichment resources and activities separated by grade (Pre K-8 and high school); digital resources; activities to stay active at home; and high school reading materials.

Clark County School District
This page contains district community updates, FAQ, and student learning opportunities, which contain grade-level resources.

District of Columbia Public Schools
This page contains the district’s instructional continuity plan, including distance learning resources by grade. It also provides materials for families; support services; meal sites; and regular updates.

Ector County Independent School District
This page includes information, special education procedures, and weekly lessons for distance learning broken out by Pre-K/elementary, Middle School, and High School lessons, meal sites, mental and emotional health support, and daily updates.

Everett Public Schools
This page includes learning engagement materials; information about child care (see March 18, 2020, update) and meals; an FAQ; and resources from the CDC and the state.

Guilford County Schools
This page includes digital resources for teaching and learning and professional development; parent resources; social and emotional learning resources; school meal locations; and community resources. The district also has an emergency preparation report.

Highline Public Schools
This page features news; information about distance learninghealthcare resources; and an FAQ. It also includes guidelines and a sample script for counselors providing support to 12th-grade students in an effort to ensure they stay on track to graduate.

Indianapolis Public Schools
This page contains links to mental health and home learning resources in addition to regular district updates.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools
This page contains updates and contact information for support, an updated instructional continuity plan, coronavirus prevention and contingency measures, and resources related to distance teaching and learning.

The School District of Palm Beach County
This page includes updates, distance learning resources, a meal and feeding plan, at-home learning resources, and a comprehensive instructional continuity support plan, including a parent & guardian guide and teacher guide to Google Classroom. The plan also provides suggested daily schedules for students and explains how to support continuous instruction, promote access for all students, and maintain connectedness to the community by leveraging digital devices and public broadcasting networks as well as suggested daily schedules for students.

The School District of Philadelphia
This page includes district FAQs and a link to online math, English language arts, science, and social studies Learning Guides for grades K–12. It also provides a list of 50 city-owned drop-in facilities.


About Chiefs for Change
Chiefs for Change is a nonprofit, bipartisan network of diverse state and district education chiefs dedicated to preparing all students for today’s world and tomorrow’s through deeply committed leadership. Chiefs for Change advocates for policies and practices that are making a difference today for students, and builds a pipeline of talented, diverse Future Chiefs ready to lead major school systems.